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Why Copenhagen?

Why Copenhagen

Marriage in Copenhagen is as easy to organize,    as to a book a wedding photography service from my website. The City Hall requires only a few documents, the whole procedure from start to finish takes up for 3 weeks maximum.

Their requirements are same for all citizenships and nationalities. In most EU and non-EU countries, the procedure of getting married to ┬źNot same citizenship┬╗ person can take up to 6 months. The amount of paper work needed is almost heartbreaking, not even considering how expensive it can be.

In addition, for same-sex couples it is probably the easiest and only way to legalize their relationships.

Denmark made same-sex marriage legal in 2012 on June 15. The procedures stays the same, only a few documents and very little time. The fast and simple solution.

The ceremony can be in one of three languages: Danish, English or German, which is good, for those who have international families.
The one thing not everybody would be so happy about – is that you cannot choose the wedding day or time yourself. The City Hall gives you a certain time and a day of your wedding. Taking it to the account, you do not have much time to get prepared, but for sure you may have as much time of wedding photo session from VadimWedding as you wish to.