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Wedding locations in Copenahgen

Wedding photographer and locations in Copenahgen

Shooting locations in Copenhagen

Wedding photographer in Copenhagen   is that much more of an experience,  than in any other city. There are so many locations to see and to choose from, that only the search itself will take a while. And here we are not even talking about choosing a particular one. Here I am to help you!

First off, I would like to say, that Copenhagen is beautiful no matter what.  You can look and look, choose and choose and find out that every next street is as impeccable of a location as a previous one. So, an advice would be, keep it simple. If you want a particular street of building, it’s totally fine.

But when you have 2-3 hours to do the shoot, don’t concentrate so hard on how the background looks like. You can look for days and days on Google Street View beautiful spots to shoot, but google doesn’t have photos of those little cozy no-touristic streets we have and access to while in Copenhagen.

There is much more value in how and what you feel at the moment, and not in the visual pleasance of a decoration behind your back. The trip from one place to another, again and again will take some time and you can lose something very important along the way.

Good weather is one of the most important things on a wedding day. It can make or break it. The same location could look very different depending on the direct/indirect sun spots it has, is it sunny or foggy, windy or calm, raining or even snowing. This is definitely not the thing you can control, so that’s why I consider to have such a big connection between the light and the location.

So, no worries. That is my work, to choose the best possible location for you, considering your wants and needs, timing, location and the light.

From your side, it is only the most genuine and happy smiles you have and being open to the camera.