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Once again, The location (you have asked so many about it)

Once again
The location – I call it, the one which couple chooses and is ready to fight for it to the end. Almost every couple I had a shoot with in Copenhagen was from abroad, for obvious reasons. They are new to the city and want to find the best places, spots, views possible. Of course, this is reasonable, but
The one thing I would hope you remember throught this procces – touristic places aren’t the best places to do a wedding shooting.  
Those are always too crowded and noisy (of course if you don’t start shooting at 5a.m) There is not enough space even to walk without touching shoulders of other people. So what to say about the Wedding Photography and basic comfort of being on your own in front of the camera..
Saying that, we have to remember that there are A Lot of people behind you, which makes photo patterned- like, and that‎ is not the result I am looking for, and if you are reading this post – neither do you. 
So the advice would be next : 
-‎ when looking for spots on google maps or google street view, its totally not relevant, what you can see to what I can shoot in the same spot 
– every weather shooting depends on weather in some way, so don’t be so hard on yourself to be planning every spot
– obviously I want my wedding photographer portfolio grow up with more and more nicely done shots so its my job to plan a shooting with a nice background
but moreover, my photography is more about happy people, emotions, relationships and less about: “we were posing next to famous Copenhagen castle”.
So no worries guys, your wedding photos are going to be best, because they are Yours! And no location, no special place ‎or anything can change thag fact for you.