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In desperate need of Bridal Preparation

In desperate need of Bridal Preparation

Why it is so important? The bridal preparation has an idea of documenting the purest moments of the
morning rush and getting ready for the Big day. Your wedding days doesn’t start at the line in the
Copenhagen`s City Hall waiting for your turn to come in and get married, and it does not start in front of the City Hall.

It starts in the morning…with sips of freshly made hot coffee, inhaling the freshness of Copenhagen’s sunrises, morning cuddles with your loved ones.

Bridal preparation is definitely not a before&after photos of a bridal’s makeup or clothing. It has nothing to do with “its not interesting to shoot how I`m dressing up”. But it takes the most value of the wedding day on itself. Those are probably the only moments, when the groom can quietly come to the bride, hug her and kiss her on neck, while she is sitting in front of a mirror. And both of them are the only one on this planet at that moment, no matter what. The intimacy of this is fascinating. I wish this for every one of my clients, at least once in a lifetime.