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Changing outfit during a wedding photoshoot in Copenhagen

I have been in the wedding photography production for more than 10 years now. So, I gathered some of my experinces and observations trough the time.

From all I have seen and recieved as emails, asian couples love clothing, and by that I mean – to change it.
Those are the only couples who want to change the outfit several times for a 3 hour shoot.
I don’t look at this as good or bad, it is more like a fact for me.
Some peole have‎ asked me previously if there is a chance and time to change .

So if you‎ are a couple who wants to change the look, you For Sure can do that. For that we should probably need to think about places to do that to make it faster and easier for us, or to plan the shoot somewhat around the hotel, so you’ll have more comfort.

In any case, you should not be hesitate to ask me any questions or to propose something you want. You will hope not to re-live other wedding day in Copenhagen, so make sure I know everything you want me to know and that way we can make it perfect for you.